🚙Support Procedures

How to get support for eva server and eva cloud versions.

Support Portal

Accessing the support portal link below, you will be able to manage all support requests and tickets from a single place.

Workflow and user interaction

After a ticket is created, it will remain in "Open" status until it is possible to analyze it, when its status will change to "Assigned". If in the ticket description the necessary data to analyze the ticket has been entered, the status will change to "In Progress" and the flow will continue.

Data required for analysis

It is necessary to provide the support team with the necessary data to be able to generate a proper analysis from the beginning, so it is essential to include details of the problem, screenshots, data to consider depending on the situation and that may be of help to the team.

Now, to solve problems in which the error occurs in an environment where eva is deployed in the client's cloud (on premise installation), it is mandatory to enter the ticket (in addition to the minimum data and screenshots), the step by step of the execution to be able to reproduce it, a video and the log of the moment in which the error occurs.

In Cloud environments, these data provide more value to quickly detect the issue and iterate less, so it is also necessary to enter them.

If additional information is required, the ticket status may change to "Incomplete Description" or "Pending Customer" and the support team will ask the customer for the necessary data to continue handling the ticket.

Provide Information

The change of the status "Incomplete Description" and "Pending Customer" will depend on the entry of the information requested by the support team, being the customer's responsibility to provide it. The entry of the information will allow the ticket to return to its management flow.

To provide information, it is only necessary to review the ticket and access the "Provide Information" option.

Important: Once a ticket changes to "Resolved", you will receive an email with a link which will lead you to a satisfaction survey, please complete it, as your answers will help us to improve the management of our support team.

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