Incident Management & Response

Data Breach Notification

In the event that a data breach is detected in a virtual agent or Syntphony Conversational AI environment, please contact the support and operations team using the form below. In case you don't have access to the form, please contact the support team here.

Incident Response

Policies and procedures for operational and incident response management require incidents to be logged and reviewed, with appropriate action (e.g., system changes) taken if necessary.

A formal incident response plan and standard incident reporting form are documented to guide employees in the procedures to report security failures and incidents.

The incident response plan enforces a process of resolving and escalating reported events. Its provisions include consideration of the need to inform internal and external users of incidents and advising of corrective actions to be taken on their part, as well as a β€œpostmortem” review requirement.

Please note the different levels of support we offer. To understand what is expected in each case from the support and operations team, please refer to the following links:

πŸ†˜pageSupport PolicyπŸš™pageSupport ProcedurespageSupport Levels

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