Availability & Reliability

Auto Scaling

NTT DATA Syntphony Conversational AI is designed for uninterrupted uptime and enterprise scale, processing thousands of conversations per hour and millions per day, with no degradation of performance.

Data Redundancy

Data is "by default" always replicated in multiple availability zones in the Google Cloud regions where NTT DATA Syntphony Conversational AI operates (US and EU).

Denial of Service (DoS) Protection

NTT DATA Syntphony Conversational AI cloud infrastructure is protected and isolated in a dedicated WAF and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and all the communications between the different components of the solution are done through the VPC firewall and WAF.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

At NTT DATA Syntphony Conversational AI, IDS is available as a commercial option to our customers, providing an additional layer of protection for their platform.

Infrastructure Redundancy

NTT DATA Syntphony Conversational AI uses infrastructure redundancy to help ensure network availability and decrease the risk of failure.

Quality Assurance Testing

A dedicated QA team is in charge of ensuring the quality of developments, as well as validating all updates to Syntphony Conversational AI cloud environments.

Service Monitoring

At Synthphony, our Conversational AI leverages advanced tools to monitor processing queues, ensuring timely data handling and real-time results tracking. Any data loss during processing triggers automatic alerts to both Operations and Engineering teams, enhancing response efficiency and system reliability.

Upon the occurrence of errors within the platform, the change management process is followed with a change ticket initiated, and the error is investigated and resolved.

Status Page

Our uptime and all notifications of performance incidents are made public on the following page. We provide postmortems for every significant incident affecting our performance.

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