Main Features

This is an introduction to the main features of Syntphony Conversational AI, an enterprise solution that lets you quickly create robust virtual agents 🤖

  • NTT Data Syntphony Conversational AI is designed to meet the exacting demands of businesses competing in today’s digital economy. It is an enterprise solution that lets you quickly create robust virtual agents that can be deployed at scale to efficiently handle thousands of users, in multiple languages and in different areas of your business.

  • We live in an omnichannel world, so the virtual agents created by Syntphony Conversational AI can maintain conversations with users across different channels, even allowing users to change channels in mid-stream.

  • NTT DATA gives you the choice of accessing Syntphony Conversational AI as a cloud-based service.

  • Unlike competing solutions, Syntphony Conversational AI makes it easy for non-expert users to create conversation flows thanks to an intuitive Dialog Manager that uses visual programming.

  • Uses encryption and data masking to protect personally identifiable information, so ensuring communications remain private and data protection laws are respected.

  • Works cooperatively with human agents, transferring the conversation or call to a human agent when required. Syntphony Conversational AI integrates with the leading contact center solutions from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

  • Thanks to the use of predictive models, the virtual agents created by Syntphony Conversational AI can anticipate or predict user needs. A virtual agent could, for example, access the history of a customer’s recent interactions –request for a credit card, a payroll query – to gain clues as to what the current query may be about.

  • Additionally, it is compatible with external cognitive engines, including IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS, Amazon Lex, and Google Dialogflow. Moreover, it incorporates a proprietary NLP engine crafted by NTT DATA's artificial intelligence specialists.

  • Enhance Your Virtual Assistant with Syntphony Conversational AI

    Discover the power of Syntphony Conversational AI, equipped with interactive reports leveraging machine learning to meticulously analyze and enhance the performance and reply accuracy of your virtual assistants. Gain insights into KPIs, decipher user pathways, and receive actionable advice to refine your conversational UI. This is made possible by seamless integration with, facilitating a comprehensive analysis and optimization toolkit for your conversational systems.

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