Organizational Security

Confidentiality Agreements

All personnel are required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to onboarding on the product team.

Employee Background Checks

Members of the Syntphony Conversational AI team that may have access to data that customers submit to platform's services (e.g., operations engineers) are background checked as permitted by applicable law and sign confidentiality agreements.

Employee Security Training

Syntphony Conversational AI employees receive training in data privacy concepts and responsibilities, as well as product commitments on privacy and refresher training on an annual basis.

IT Security

NTT Data corporate IT policies are applied for all physical and logical security, access control, network, and devices. A summary of the Syntphony Conversational AI Access Control policy can be provided under NDA. It includes:

  • Employee Workstations are Automatically Locked

  • Employee Workstations Encrypted

  • Limited Employee Access (Principle of least Privilege)

  • Personnel Screening

  • Physical Access Control

Access to NTT DATA’s office location is monitored by a receptionist during business hours. Doors are locked outside business hours and when a receptionist is not present. Visitors to NTT DATA's office location are required to sign in and are provided with a temporary identification badge. Physical keys and card access to areas where critical equipment is located are restricted to authorized individuals.

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