Portal User Request

The main purpose of this page is to detail how to request a user for Jira and generate access to the platform.

It is intended as a guide for people who need to request the creation of a JIRA access user.

User registration

NTT DATA users

To request new user for Jira, it is necessary to email support.eva@emeal.nttdata.com and include the following Information:

  • Subject: eva Support User creation

  • Complete Name

  • Email:

  • Client:

  • URL eva cloud if it applies

Once the new user has been created, you will receive an email from the aforementioned address, so you can reset your password and have access to Jira.

Client external users

For security reasons it is necessary to register external users with all, all external customers must email support.eva@emeal.nttdata.com with the following information:

  • Name and Surname

  • Type of identification document: DNI, Passport, etc.

  • Number of the previous identification.

  • Nationality

  • Telephone (this will be required for the double authentication factor).

The access request will be processed once the mail with the above-mentioned data has been received.

Log-in to eva Support portal

Access the following link:

First step to start using the Customer Portal is to log in.

Next, we need to click on Multi-Tenant AAD and the Customer Portal redirects us to the Microsoft page.

Finally, all you have to do is log in with your account (can be or your NTT DATA account or your customer account) and you can access the Customer Portal.

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