Data Security

Data Encrypted At-Rest

All data hosted by Syntphony Conversational AI is encrypted. Syntphony Conversational AI uses industry-accepted encryption products to protect data at rest, with 256-bit AES encryption.

Data Encrypted In-Transit

Syntphony Conversational AI cloud uses the latest cypher suites to encrypt all the data during transfer between its client channels and server: TLS 1.2/1.3, and HTTPS are used to protect data in transit.

Mutual TLS

mTLS, or mutual TLS, is a security protocol used to establish encrypted connections between client and server in a network. Unlike traditional TLS, where only the server is authenticated, mTLS authenticates both the client and server, ensuring mutual trust. This is achieved through the exchange of digital certificates, enhancing the overall security of the communication channel.

Encryption Key Management

All platform databases and snapshot backups use strong volume (disk) encryption by default to protect data at rest. The use of self-managed keys can help customers achieve additional levels of confidentiality and data segmentation.

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