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This documentation is designed to help you navigate through our platform with ease and make the most out of all the features available. Whether you are a new user looking to get started, or an experienced developer or conversational designer seeking to deepen your knowledge, you'll find valuable information tailored just for you.

So, let's dive in and explore all that eva has to offer!

Build > Deploy > Analyze

Creating your first virtual agent is easy with eva. Follow our step-by-step guide to bring your virtual assistant to life. Bring your virtual agents to where your users are. Integrate with popular messaging platforms, websites, and voice interfaces; and analyze its interactions to ensure the best performance.

Harnessing the latest in generative AI, we make building your knowledge base faster and more intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience through a more dynamic and context-sensitive interactions with your virtual agents.
Our platform supports 30+ channels, including social media, business messaging, mobile apps, voice assistants and digital humans. Besides custom developed front-ends, speed the deployment and customization of your Webchat Plugin through our platform.
The Dialog Manager is the heart of eva, where you build the dialogues and access the repositories for cells, flows and documents, where you can train the virtual agent, and simulate the conversation to check how it's shaping up.


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