Create and manage profiles

This page describes the types of profiles in eva, how to create a new user and manage permissions.

Types of Profiles

The following table describes the five types of profiles and summarizes their access and permissions across all eva resources:

ProfileAccess toMain role


Environments and Dialog Manager

Can view the virtual agent content and test the flows


All eva resources, except create and delete users or virtual agents.

Main responsible for building the dialogs. Editors create and edit content and parameters, and test the flows. Can also train and export virtual agents.


All eva resources, except manage users.

Does everything Editors do, plus create, edit or delete environments, channels, virtual agents, parameters, and enable Generative AI features. Can also access the dashboards, import and export virtual agents.


All eva resources

Does everything Supervisors do, plus manage users, grant access to the environments, and enable and disable new extra features.


Organization and environments

Responsible for creating organizations, environments and granting access to Admins.

Admins have access to all virtual agents and environments in the organizations they are part of.

How to create users

Only Admins can manage users (create, edit, delete, or grant permissions).

Click the Users option on the side bar.

Then, you'll see a list of all users that are part of the Organization. If you still don't have any users or need to create a new one, just click on Create user.

Fill in the resquested information: Name, Email, Company (optional), and upload an image (optional).

Indicate if the user will be assigned as Admin. If yes, click Save, if not, you'll see a new section and you'll be asked to select a profile and which environments and virtual agents this user will have access to.

There are no limits on how many virtual agents any given user can access. As an Admin, you have access to all virtual agents.

If you are a developer, learn more about about role tables.

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