How to add a channel for a bot
A channel is a connection between communication applications and a bot, the platform where the interaction with the user will take place (Whatsapp, Web, Facebook, etc...). Learn how to connect
Channel Selection Field
eva has integration with several types of channels, in the categories: smart speakers, social robots, smart assistants, messaging platforms, syntethic reality, mobile, tablet, desktop, cognitive contact center.
The solution also allows the same bot to integrates with multiple channels.
And in order to improve the bot's personality, it is possible to configure the bot's responses for each of the channels created.
Thus, the answer can have a template (image, video, carousel, etc) that only that channel makes available or a language directed to that channel.
But remember: to integrate multiple channels to the same bot, it is important that the channels share the same knowledge base and objective. In addition, the way the users interact on each channel should also be similar.

Choose the main channel

One of the first actions in eva is to choose the main channel where your bot will run.
Firstly, you have to select the main channel that the bot will use.
In eva, you can connect to 32 channels in 6 (six) different categories:
    Smart Speakers & Social Robots:
    Amazon Echo, Google Home e Jibo
    Smart Assistants:
    Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant e Siri
    Messaging Platforms:
    Facebook Messenger, RCS, SMS, Skype, Skype for Business, Telegram, Twitter, Microsoft Teams
    Synthetic Reality
    Arcore, Arkit, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Hololens
    Mobile/ Tablet/ Desktop
    Android, IOS, Web, Web Mobile, App Mobile,
    Cognitive Contact Center:
    IVR, VR
Take the following steps to choose a channel:
1) When you click “Select a Channel”, a dropdown with the 32 channels available in eva will appear. It’s easy: just select the channel.
2) After you choose a channel, a screen will appear for you to name a Channel and also with a Description field (as shown in the image below).
Name your Channel Screen
3) Every channel must have a name, but is not mandatory to have a Description (but it will help you a lot in order to guide your team about the bot and the project!)
4) After choosing the first Channel, you will be directed to the screen with the bot menu. Go to the last page and click on your bot to continue your work.
    The Channel name is very important! Your bot might malfunction if you rename the channel. And you cannot share a name neither.
    That’s why, when naming, you should avoid giving it the same name as the channel, for example, calling it Facebook Messanger, Web, Google Home… You can even do this, but it can be confusing if you create another bot and want to use the same channel. Suggestion: give a name linked to the project and its description.
Very Important:
After choosing the main channel, you will be able to go forward and start to create a dialogue. You can also integrate more channels for the same bot, but you can do this whenever you want.

Add more Channels

To integrate more channels, take this steps:
1) To access the channels area, you must select the sidebar menu on your left and click on Channels (as shown in the image below).
Sidebar Menu
2) If you select the “Channel” option, the channels that you have already associated with the bot at the time of its creation will be displayed in the "My Channels" option (as shown in the image below).
My Channels Screen
3) To create a new channel, just select “Create Channel”. You will be taken to a page with multiple Channel categories, such as smart assistants, messaging platforms... (as shown in the image below).
Channels Options
4) After that, click the category of channel you want and a dropdown will appear (as shown in the image below).
Supported Channels
5) Finally, after you select a communication application, you can name your Channel. If you wish, you can add a description. After you are done, click save (as shown in the image below).
Adding Channels
    If you are a developer, click here to get more informations
    Besides custom developed front-ends, such as web chats, mobile chats and IVR, eva can integrate with other messaging platforms and smart assistants, such as Facebook Messenger. If you wnat more informations to integrate existing channels, please click here.
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