What's new in v3.4
Find out below the novelties on the latest eva version, 3.3

version | July 2, 2021

New features
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Bot Templates
A bot template with 38 ready-made flows fitting in 10 banking use cases that you can customize as you like
Code Cell
Code Cell works with information available in eva’s system that doesn’t depend on APIs. It also allows creating variables, that's why it provides immense advantages in a bot flow creation process
Rule Cell
The Rule Cell allows you to manage and customize the flows according to the variations of the business rule. It’s a resource to make your dialog more assertive and much more precise, as the bot will respond to any changeable scenario

version | April 6, 2021

New features
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Automated Learning
enables answering users by searching documents for answers. Upload your documents and train the bot, no intents required

version | March 23, 2021

New features
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Dynamic Answers
Allows the bot to use in the responses all the information that the User had given to eva
Flow Exit
Allows select how many times an Not Expected answer will be delivered to a user
Jump to Other Flows
Allows to connect different flows
Remove and Reconnect Cells Modal
Improves the way flows are edited
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